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Waterproofing company in SAINT-TROPEZ

To keep your roof watertight, it’s essential to carry out regular checks. Once a year, and even after particularly intense periods of bad weather, we recommend that you contact experts like our team to ensure that your roof remains completely watertight. Roof checks require a great deal of experience, and a mastery of the various elements that ensure watertightness. Our company has been in business since 1997, and we’ve made a name for ourselves in the VAR region, and particularly in Saint-Tropez, thanks to our experience and availability.

Pamther brings together a team of certified waterproofing craftsmen used to working on large-scale projects. Whether you’re looking to maintain the watertightness of your roof, or carry out partial or total renovations, we’re the best craftsmen you’ll find in the VAR. Our team relies on the quality of our services, the diversity of the solutions we are able to implement, and the competitive rates we charge, to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Detecting waterproofing leaks or spotting any signs of imperfections is the job of professional waterproofers. It’s a meticulous examination and research carried out using highly sophisticated techniques that reveal the various defects to be eliminated. From colored watering to the use of fumigants, our team of professional waterproofers carefully searches for all the detachments, cracks and tears that can affect the watertightness of your roof.

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The waterproofing of your flat roof is essential for your comfort, as it directly determines the quality of thermal insulation in your home. In addition to the various techniques for insulating your facades, it’s essential to guarantee good insulation for the flat roof of your home. It’s now established that more than a third of heat loss in a dwelling is due to a poorly insulated roof. By opting for a watertight roof or roof covering, you’re choosing an effective, long-lasting solution for your comfort.

In addition to providing your home with appreciable thermal performance, flat roofing or roofing with self-protected waterproofing is a guarantee of durability. At Pamther, our waterproofing craftsmen will restore or repair your roof’s waterproofing with coatings such as EPDM membrane or bitumen, for example.

The procedure then involves using special particles to reinforce this waterproof covering, and preserve the waterproofing over time. We take meticulous care with this type of work, which requires real precision and rigor.

Pamther to teams specialized in roofing, zinc work and insulation. Our versatility enables us to offer a complete range of services, making us a one-stop shop for large-scale projects.

In addition to the waterproof coating, there are many other elements that ensure that your roof is watertight. Pamther has the skills to intervene at every level, if necessary, for your comfort and peace of mind. A solid roof structure, a good roof coating and good quality insulation are the main elements that will ensure that your roof plays its role in the long term.

Do you have a roof waterproofing renovation project in Saint-Tropez? We’ll make an appointment to visit you at your address, provide a clear diagnosis and give you a precise estimate so you can get started on your waterproofing project as quickly as possible. It’s always best to act as quickly as possible to avoid complications when it comes to the condition of your roof. Even the smallest cracks, blistering paintwork or damp stains on ceilings call for rapid intervention and the use of appropriate techniques to put things right.

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We are present in the Var and the Alpes-Maritimes

Historically based in St Raphaël, Pamther, a waterproofing company, has continued its development in the Var (Fréjus, St Tropez, Toulon, Draguignan) and in the Alpes-Maritimes (Antibes, Cannes, Nice, Mougins and Valbonne).

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