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Professional pest control with Pamther in Var and Alpes-Maritimes

Pamther is a company specializing in pest control and disinfection, and has been operating in the Var and Alpes-Maritimes departments for over 15 years. We offer pest control services for cockroaches and other pests, to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Cockroaches: a common nuisance

The terms “cockroach” and “cockroach” refer to the same insect, belonging to the order Dictyoptera. There are over 3,500 species of cockroaches, with variations in size, shape and behavior. These insects have an incomplete metamorphosis cycle and reproduce by laying eggs in sacs called oothecae, generally containing from 10 to 40 eggs, depending on the species. Larvae undergo several moults before reaching adulthood.

Cockroaches are pests that can cause many problems in your environment. They are often associated with dirt, food contamination and health hazards. They can also cause property damage by gnawing away at building materials and leaving behind excrement and odorous secretions.

Length: 12 to 15 mm long.
Appearance: Light yellow-brown, orange.
Lifespan: 6 months.
Reproduction: 20 to 40 eggs per bag and 5 to 8 egg bags.
Habitat: Kitchens, garbage chutes, basements, bathrooms.
Prefers high temperatures and humidity.
Diet: Omnivorous

The German cockroach is the most widespread in Europe. It accounts for 90% of infestations. Its color ranges from bronze to light brown. It can be recognized by its two parallel dark stripes running from the head to the base of the wings (on the pronotum).

Length: 25 to 30 mm long.
Appearance: Dark reddish-brown, black.
Lifespan: 4 months.
Reproduction: 12 to 16 eggs per bag and 6 to 10 egg bags.
Habitat: Cellars, basements. Cool, damp places.
Diet: Omnivorous.

The Oriental cockroach is a large species of cockroach, about 2.5 cm long when fully grown. It is dark brown to black in color, with a shiny body.

Length: 28 to 44 mm.
Appearance: Dark yellow-brown.
Lifespan: 10 months.
Reproduction: 12 to 16 eggs per bag and 12 to 30 egg bags.
Habitat: Cellars, garbage chutes, sewers.
Diet: Omnivorous.

The American cockroach is russet-brown in color, with a light stripe on the posterior margin of the pronotum. Its well-developed elytra enable us to distinguish the male from the female.

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Pamther's expertise at your service

When you call on Pamther to remove cockroaches and roaches, you benefit from the expertise of a company specialized in the field. Our team is trained in the latest techniques and has all the equipment needed to carry out every job. We’re ready to listen, assess your situation, advise you and implement the treatment best suited to your needs.

Prevention and follow-up

At Pamther, we don’t just eliminate cockroaches and roaches, we also focus on prevention and aftercare. Once we’ve treated your environment, we offer advice on how to avoid future reinfestation, such as eliminating food and water sources, sealing cracks and openings, and maintaining general cleanliness. We also offer follow-up contracts for ongoing vigilance and regular preventive intervention.

A healthy, cockroach-free environment

Don’t let cockroaches disrupt your daily routine. Trust Pamther for professional, efficient pest control in the Var and Alpes-Maritimes departments. Contact us today for more information and to schedule a service tailored to your needs. Together, we’ll create a healthy, safe and cockroach-free environment.

More information

At Pamther, we have different methods and techniques for treating cockroaches and roaches, depending on the species and the severity of the infestation. Our certified applicators are trained to apply treatments safely and effectively.

Gel application is one of the most commonly used methods of cockroach control. The gel is applied with a spray gun to areas where the insects are active, such as cracks, crevices, nooks and crannies. Cockroaches are attracted to the gel and consume it, leading to their gradual elimination.

Liquid spraying is another method used to treat cockroaches. A specific product is sprayed onto infested surfaces, creating a chemical barrier that kills insects on contact. This method is effective for treating larger areas and surfaces where cockroaches can move.

Fumigation is a treatment method used in cases of severe infestation, or when cockroaches are found in hard-to-reach areas. A fumigant is used to generate smoke that penetrates infested areas, eliminating the insects present.

Bait plates are used to attract cockroaches to a poisoned bait. They contain specific active substances which are consumed by the insects, causing them to be eliminated. This method is often used in sensitive areas where the use of liquid or gel chemicals is undesirable.

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