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Insulation without thermal and acoustic bridges

Blowing wool is the most suitable insulation for eliminating thermal and acoustic bridges during installation. It offers many advantages for the insulation of lost attics.

Thanks to its flake nature, blowing stone wool makes it possible to fill in a homogeneous and uniform way all the spaces of the lost attics, thus eliminating thermal and acoustic bridges. The flakes adapt perfectly to the shapes and roughness of the attic, ensuring complete coverage and optimal insulation. This method of application guarantees an effective thermal barrier, reducing heat loss and improving thermal comfort inside your home. In addition, by limiting noise transfer, stone wool also contributes to better acoustic insulation, creating a more peaceful and pleasant interior environment.

Water and condensation resistance

Blowing stone wool has a non-capillary structure, which means it does not retain water. Even in the event of moisture infiltration, rock wool does not degrade and retains its insulating properties. Its open structure also offers water vapor permeability, allowing good humidity regulation inside the attic. This prevents the formation of condensation and prevents problems with mold or deterioration of the building structure. Thus, blowing stone wool guarantees a healthy and sustainable environment.

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A simple application without additional treatment

The application of blowing stone wool does not require the use of glues, fixers or additional treatments of the cover to the passage of the wind. The rock wool flakes are sprayed into the attic using a special machine, ensuring a uniform distribution over the entire surface to be insulated. Thanks to its lightness and ease of handling, the installation of blowing stone wool is quick and convenient. In addition, unlike other insulation materials, blowing stone wool settles very little over time, thus preserving its insulating effectiveness over the long term.

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A security classification

Stone wool is classified as Group 3 for its carcinogenicity to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. This means that it is not considered carcinogenic. In addition, stone wool benefits from exemption from the carcinogenic classification in accordance with the European Directive. So you can rest assured that using rockwool to blow into your lost attic is safe for your health and that of your family.

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