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Pamther has been building and renovating roof structures since 1997.

The installation of all types of framework can be studied, whether for new construction or renovation.

Work on the framework of your home is crucial for comfort and safety. The framework is the skeleton of the upper part of the building, and its strength and structure are naturally decisive in ensuring the durability of your building.

When it comes to construction projects and regular repairs and maintenance, don’t compromise.

Construction of frameworks tailored to your needs

Whether it’s a traditional or truss frame, we guarantee equal expertise and the utmost care for quality work. From the project study phase through to site delivery, Pamther takes charge of every stage to ensure solid designs in strict compliance with standards.

Our experience enables us to help you make the best decisions for structures adapted to your home and your particular architectural project. For maintenance and restoration projects too, Pamther is committed to implementing the best and safest treatment solutions, to preserve the structure of your framework and guarantee its solidity.

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Signs of wear and tear on a house’s framework are hard to see, especially when it comes to attacks by wood-eating insects or termites. Water infiltration is also an issue that needs to be dealt with without delay, because of the mold and damage it can cause, as well as weakening your roof structure. For your roof structure in the Var 83 , and Alpes-Maritimes 06, our Pamther company carries out very precise diagnoses to detect the defects to be corrected. We use traditional and modern repair and renovation techniques to resolve any anomalies observed or to prevent future damage.

It’s worth noting that a roof renovation or restoration project in the 83 region can be motivated by a simple desire to change your home’s current roof. Frames are designed to support specific roofs in terms of materials, volume and weight. A change in roofing will therefore sometimes require a reworking of the framework, which Pamther is qualified to carry out with professionalism.

Regardless of the reasons for its launch, a roof renovation is a project with high stakes. We’ll accompany you step by step, drawing on our extensive experience and our passion for structural work. An important point to bear in mind is that, while the quality of our services is vital to your comfort, it’s also important to be able to rely on an honest and reliable company. Our reputation testifies to our professionalism, and you can count on Pamther in the Var and Alpes-Maritimes.

The Pamther company is made up of specialists in the work involved in improving and protecting your building. Calling on experienced carpenters for structural work on your home is essential to benefit from long-term guarantees. Our company offers advice and recommendations, and can provide you with clear, precise quotes for every need. We carry out appropriate treatments to protect your framework, reinforce it and cut pieces to measure to meet the specific needs of your building.

Our availability, rapid delivery of the work we take on in the 06 and 83 regions, and our mastery of the most advanced construction and repair techniques make our company a reference for quality structural work. When renovating, it’s imperative to adapt: we can re-cut structural elements on site, or reinforce them to create a tailor-made solution for any timber component (crossbeam, punch, tie beam, brace, stilt, complete truss).

Pamther works throughout the Alpes-Maritimes (Cannes, Antibes, Mougins, Nice, Valbonne etc.) and the Var (Draguignan, Fréjus, Saint-Raphaël, Saint-Tropez, Sainte-Maxime, Toulon etc.). We can build house frames, terrace awnings, carports, pool houses and more. We are at your disposal for any information or study you may need to carry out your project.

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