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Waterproofing company in DRAGUIGNAN

For your residential home in Draguignan, our company of waterproofing craftsmen offers you its expertise in all aspects of roof waterproofing and preservation. Pamther has been growing steadily since 1997. Roofing is our specialty, and when it comes to waterproofing these vital structures for your comfort, we’re the best placed in the VAR (83) region to provide services of impeccable quality.


Our team of waterproofing specialists relies on its versatility, its excellent knowledge of waterproofing materials, and its compliance with current standards to provide you with tried-and-tested solutions. For waterproofing renovations, simple maintenance operations or spot checks on request, we’re at your disposal in Draguignan.

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Roof terraces with self-protected waterproofing are structures whose waterproofing has been specially treated to ensure its durability and integrity. Firstly, Pamther uses conventional waterproofing coatings on the market, to achieve completely satisfactory results in terms of thermal performance. Then, to make your flat roof (or your traditional roof) even more watertight, we add metal or mineral particles. These are installed with particular care, and the result is a resounding success, both visually and functionally.

The maintenance of your self-protected waterproofed flat roofs is an operation that must be carried out on a regular basis. This helps prevent any leaks or imperfections in the structure. At your request, Pamther in Draguignan will examine your waterproofing coatings and roofs for the slightest delamination or tear. We will then recommend the most effective solutions for renewing or reinforcing the waterproofing.

Regardless of the type of roof you have (pitched, flat or rounded) and the material used (slate, metal, tiles…), the work of a skilled roofer is not limited to achieving a certain visual aesthetic. Our waterproofing craftsmen aim to create structures that are as watertight and resistant as possible.

A watertight roof is your assurance of protection against rainwater infiltration, and against any related problems (structural damage to the frame or building, etc.). Water infiltration also has repercussions on your home’s thermal performance, directly affecting your comfort.

Air seeping into a home through the roof can cause various types of damage to the roofing, including the tearing away of materials.
All these factors can lead to real discomfort, not to mention energy losses. All these issues underline the importance of ensuring that your roof is optimally waterproofed. Our company is fully aware of the importance of waterproofing for your comfort. That’s why we strive to carry out first-rate work, in compliance with current standards.

Asbestos roofing, thermal insulation, roofing and roofing maintenance, various treatments: in addition to waterproofing work, our company recommends itself to you for all your roofing needs. We’re available to discuss projects with you, to set a reasonable budget for the work involved, and to provide you with the benefit of our cutting-edge expertise and professionalism. Contact us for online price estimates or precise quotations.

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We are present in the Var and the Alpes-Maritimes

Historically based in St Raphaël, Pamther, a waterproofing company, has continued its development in the Var (Fréjus, St Tropez, Toulon, Draguignan) and in the Alpes-Maritimes (Antibes, Cannes, Nice, Mougins and Valbonne).

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