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Whether your roof is made of tiles, zinc, slate or copper, you need to maintain it regularly. By doing so, you protect it from aging tiles that can lead to water infiltration. You also guarantee its longevity and aesthetics, and optimize its energy performance. There’s no doubt that roof renovation is one of the best ways to enhance the value of your building and make it a comfortable place to live.

If you live in Draguignan, put your trust in Pamther. Our company promises quality services, carried out by experienced craftsmen.

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Pamther is renowned in Draguignan for its reliability. In fact, we make it a priority to meet our commitments. That’s why we do our utmost to install new roofs or change gutters on time. To do this, we take the time to carefully analyze your needs, in order to find appropriate solutions.

Thanks to this strategy, we can reduce the number of imponderables that arise during the work. What’s more, we give you a reasonable delivery time, depending on the extent of the repairs. What’s more, having made a proper diagnosis of the situation, we know what tools to deploy for efficient handling of your site. All this means we can always honor our commitment to delivery times.

The creation or renovation of industrial or traditional roofs requires perfect organization. The solutions to be applied vary according to the quality of the materials, the layout of the building and the expectations of the owners. As a result, your craftsman makes every job a unique project to be successfully completed.

With this in mind, we’ve helped our technicians develop their listening skills. Our craftsmen are ready to talk to you about the various aspects of the planned work. As far as possible, they will then take into account your aspirations when installing or renovating roofing in Draguignan. This availability enables us to deliver finishes that meet your expectations.

The credibility of a Draguignan roofing company is also measured by the transparency of its prices. To this end, your roofer stands out for his fixed, competitive rates. Our aim is to make high-quality roofing work accessible to all.

To achieve this, we’ve designed our prices to be within the reach of middle-income households. Whatever the size of your business, you can contact us “>. We’ll send you an estimate detailing the work required to reinforce your roof.

As you’re no doubt aware, companies operating in the roofing sector in Draguignan are no match for each other in terms of service quality. Pamther stands out from the rest thanks to its various certifications, such as Qualibat. In fact, we boast some of the most important labels in our sector.

Your roofing company has RGE, Qualibat and FCBA qualifications. What’s more, we work to the Iso 9001-2015 standard, which focuses on customer satisfaction. These are just some of the guarantees we offer, enabling us to deliver high-quality, environmentally-friendly work. So you can rely on us for asbestos removal from your roof. Re-roofing with steel tanks, waterproofing, all types of tiles (canal, roman, Marseille), zinc and lead.

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We are present in the Var and Alpes-Maritimes regions

Historically based in St Raphaël, Pamther has continued to expand in the Var (Fréjus, St Tropez, Toulon, Draguignan) and Alpes-Maritimes (Antibes, Cannes, Nice, Mougins and Valbonne).

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