Roof maintenance ON THE FRENCH RIVIERA

Qualifications & Certifications

cQualifications & Certifications : Qualified experts at your service

At Pamther, we understand the importance of regular maintenance of your roof to ensure its durability and preserve its aesthetics. That’s why we offer a comprehensive tile treatment service in the Var and Alpes-Maritimes departments.

We are a specialist roof treatment company with the necessary qualifications and certifications to guarantee quality work. Our expert teams are trained to carry out appropriate treatments to ensure your complete satisfaction.

High-pressure cleaning: restore the shine to your tiles

cHigh-pressure roof cleaning is an essential step in removing the dirt, moss and lichen that can accumulate on your tiles. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and the use of a rotabuse, we can diffuse high-pressure water without damaging the tiles, restoring your roof to its original shine.

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Moss removal: Eliminate unwanted pests

Removing moss from your roof tiles radically destroys moss, lichen, fungus and other parasites that can grow on them. We use a specific, high-powered product that penetrates quickly and deeply into the pores of the tiles. This product contains powerful fungicidal and sporicidal agents to ensure effective pest elimination.


Waterproofing: Protect your tiles against moisture

Waterproofing your tiles is a specific treatment involving the application of a modified silicone resin-based protector. This protector creates a protective barrier against rain and water run-off. It penetrates deep into the tile particles, preventing water penetration while allowing treated surfaces to breathe. Water repellency also prevents the formation of mildew, saltpetre and efflorescence, while protecting against frost cracking and checking.


FACADE TREATMENT: Effective renovation and preservation

Like tile treatment, facade treatment is an effective way of renovating and preserving your exterior walls. By postponing more costly restoration work, this treatment enables you to maintain the appearance and integrity of your facades over the long term.

At Pamther, we’re your trusted partner for complete tile treatment. Contact us today to discuss your roof treatment needs and benefit from our expertise in roof maintenance and preservation.

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